Alloy Wheel Welding

So… Why Are We So Confidant ?

Most alloy wheel repair companies won’t touch a cracked wheel because they’re not sure how to deal with them, which may lead to costly and unnecessary replacement of your wheels. Dan Merrin Wheels’ professional alloy wheel welding service safely fixes cracked wheels, with almost all wheels able to be repaired rather than replaced.

We’ve heard many people suggest that welding alloy wheels isn’t safe, but it’s very a reliable and effective repair method when done correctly. Simply welding over the crack wouldn’t be safe, as the corrosion that led to the crack would remain, and this would still be the wheel’s weakest point.

To safely fix the wheel, we use time and care, drilling a hole at the end of the crack and cutting down it. We then apply a neat line of aluminium TIG weld on each side, meeting in the middle. This ensures that the crack is replaced with fresh metal, rather than simply sitting underneath the weld. We then neatly fettle the bead of the wheel to make sure that the tyre sits properly, preventing any future tyre fitting issues. Finally, we coat the repaired area with an anti-corrosion 2K paint to protect the weld.

Our wheel welding service is completely safe, and is backed by a 2-year warranty, although our welds usually last the entire lifetime of the wheel.

If you’re still not sure about wheel welding, please feel free to drop in to see us, contact us online or call 01332 873 187 and we’ll be happy to address any concerns.

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