Shadow Chrome Finish Alloy Wheel Painting

What Is Shadow Chrome Finish?

The shadow chrome effect finish has become incredibly popular over the last couple of years. We lacquer over the chrome effect, so this finish comes with the same 4-year warranty as our other paintwork.

We use a very fine rolled aluminium chrome effect paint, lightly dusted over a fully cured 2K topcoat paint. Then we buff the chrome up before lacquering over it, giving the shadow chrome effect.

Our chrome effect paint is usually used over gloss black, but we can also paint it over gloss white, giving a brighter-looking finish that is more similar to nickel. We can keep the shadow chrome finish darker by applying less chrome paint, or brighter by applying more, but the chrome effect usually stands out better with thinner paint.

To find out more about our shadow chrome finish, feel free to ask us online, call 01332 873 187 or pay us a visit in person.

BMW Shadow Chrome Wheels

Rover Shadow Chrome Wheels

Some Other Shadow Chrome Examples

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