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A quality wheel refurb is not far away !

Satnav NG102FL now to check your distance !

  • Longest warranty in the UK

    4 Years! It isn’t a problem when they’re done properly.

  • Before, during and after photo’s as standard

    So you can see just how much work goes into a proper wheel refurbishment. Not a man in a van job.

  • Oldschool customer service

    If it wasn’t for my customers, I wouldn’t be here. I also understand that I can either spend a fortune on advertising or I can have my customers do it for me!

  • Custom alloy wheel painting? Of course!

    I have a huge amount of paint experience, in particular with alloy wheels. I can do chrome effect alloy wheel painting, 2 or more colours, glitters and anything else you can probably think of. I am very experienced with most of the products from, take a look for some ideas.

  • Stella Artois...?

    They call it reassuringly expensive, that isn’t me. But I am priced reassuringly, I can’t bring myself to do an alloy wheel refurb in double quick time and end up with a poor result, just because i’m so cheap that I have to do 2 in a day to pay the bills. I’m priced in a way that suggests that you have my full attention and I do the work with a measure twice, cut once attitude.

    Measure Twice, Cut Once

Not looking for a quick or cheap alloy wheel refurbishment. Feel free to get a quote, it’s easy!